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Herald Meetings LLC is a scientific events for specially designed cluster of a program that provides a common platform where industry meets academia to discuss the recent issues happening. It serves as a bridge between researchers from academia and industry enhanced by its well organized scientific sessions, plenary lectures, poster presentations, world-class exhibitions, diverse symposiums, highly enriched workshops and B2B meetings. These events emphasize the knowledge of all participants in different sectors and fields

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, It is a great pleasure to welcome all to our 
Global Summit on Food Safety And Regulatory Measures
August 26 - 27, 2020 | Webinar
Theme: Healthier the Food, Merrier the World

Every gathering needs an inspiring speaker - a dynamic presenter who educates and entertains. The best speakers become integral partners in events to bring awareness, attract new participants, increase prestige. As a professional Speaker and socialite with experience, you are the ideal choice for this event and this audience.

This conference is perfect for young researchers and visitors, as well as those who require in-depth analysis of the latest trends, technologies, and techniques.

We look forward to join with you all at Online Event for successful completion of this event.

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Target Audience:

  • ♦ Food Safety Officers
  • ♦ Microbiologist
  • ♦ Professors
  • ♦ Nutritionists
  • ♦ Dieticians
  • ♦ Quality control officers
  • ♦ Quality assurance officers
  • ♦ Food Scientists
  • ♦ Researchers
  • ♦ Biotechnologists
  • ♦ Food Industrialists
  • ♦ Food Engineers
  • ♦ Business Delegates



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Virtual Event

August 26 - 27, 2020
Webinar, ONLINE

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