About Conference

Herald Meetings welcomes you to attend 3rd Global summit on food safety and Nutrition going to be held through online. The food safety lectures had been designed on current and rising regions of meals safety studies which include Food Safety and Quality, Food Safety Laws and Regulations, Food Hazards, Food Preservation, Food Toxicology, Food Microbiology, Food Allergies and Intolerance, Food-borne diseases, Pediatric & Women Nutrition and many others. We heartily welcome Entrepreneurs & enterprise delegates from Food & Nutrition industries across the globe to percentage their modern-day technology and processes making sure meals safety. The convention ambitions to discuss present day challenges, which might be the principle additives in making sure desirable health and the elimination of unfavorable, fatal and cognitive ailments of mankind.

Who Can Attend the Conference?

  • Presidents
  • Vice presidents/Directors
  • Academicians
  • Food Researchers
  • Food Scientists
  • Business delegates
  • Food Experts
  • Food Departmental managers
  • Professors and students from Academia

Venue & Hospitality


Virtual Event

August 23 - 24, 2021